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iGLOW has partnered with to enable us to bring together radiation-exposed individuals and for the first time ever, provide analysis of these individuals for research purposes. The DNA Database will be the first of its kind in the world and will enable generations to analyse DNA from veterans, indigenous people and their families.

we need your help to build the database

For many years, DNA sequencing has been out of reach for our communities due to the cost of analysing the samples, but our unique partnership with has removed the barrier of cost and will allow us to not only provide individual reports on the whole genome, but collate anonymous information across our community. Many people have died who have not been able to leave a legacy for our community, now is your chance to have your DNA stored for eternity.

what do i get out of it?

  • You will receive a full report of your entire genome, with a health care report and full reports which will help identify any potential issues related to your exposure and provide personalised health care driven by genetics.

  • The reports will provide insight into what you can do right now to decrease the likelihood you’ll get a particular disease or to limit its impact on you. 

  • Our Rare Disease Screen includes an assessment of your genetic risk for more than 10,000 diseases, conditions and traits. 

  • Our enhanced wellness reports include guidance on personalized nutrition, genetically-tailored fitness, sleep optimization, and ways to improve brain health. Learn to make healthy decisions for you and your family. The comprehensiveness of our whole genome sequencing service and the quality of our next-gen reports will let you know if you are carrying genes for diseases or conditions you might pass on to your children even if they do not manifest in you.

  •  Connect to your past. Get enhanced reports about your ethnicity, heritage, and lineage, and learn how your genetics have evolved over time.

what does get out of it?

  • We receive anonymous data which allows us to analyse the full genome for instances of rare diseases compared to the normal population occurences.

  • We can analyse the data by country, nuclear test, location and year of the veterans exposure.

  • Analysis of the families for generations, identifying any patterns or mutations.

  • A database which is unique to our radiation-exposed community, embracing everyone who has been exposed to radiation. Allowing full detailed analysis of the genetic changes of the exposure.

what does it involve?

A quick, painless 2-minute mouth swab is all it takes—no prescription, appointment, or needles. Suitable for all ages, including newborns

what happens to my dna sample? is it safe?

Your genetic data remains secure and private, never shared or sold. iGLOW will use your data in an anonymised format for research and to inform decision makers of the effects of radiation-exposure.


In partnership with we have put together a unique kit bundle at an affordable price $379 which can be shipped across the world. You will receive a kit, instructions for the swab and details of how to send the kit back to for processing. (UK orders will be returned through LABRATS International) Just click the button below to purchase your kit today.

Watch steve purse (descendant of the uk tests) unbox and provide his dna sample.


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